Weddings are beautiful but real life is where the magic happens.

Real Life Sessions are short film sessions that are 100% built around the people, places, and activities you really love and will want to be reminded of years from now.

that really reminds you of yourselves. Kinda like a photo engagement session but captured through the magical power of video.

A Real Life session is a loving, honest portrait of this chapter in your life, captured through our lenses with the same attention and care we bring to a wedding day. No cheesy canned interviews or corny posed awkwardness.

This could mean anything from (citing real examples) majestic sunset hikes to brewery hopping to archery target practice to walking your dogs in the snow to revisiting that one favorite grocery store by your first apartment across the city.

A real life session is a fantastic prelude to your wedding celebration, giving us a chance to hang out and get to know each other in a more relaxed, everyday setting. Folks have even commissioned real life sessions to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

We also make these films for families with young kiddos who want to remember those fleeting moments.

If you could see yourself in a film like this, let’s talk!

Real Life Sessions are great for adventurous, laid-back, fun-loving couples. Stroll through your neighborhood, walk the dog, praise the cats, take a scenic drive, play your old guitar, cook an epic meal, snuggle puppies, grab drinks, grab ice cream, visit the art museum, hang with some friends, light up some fireworks, steal your buddy’s vintage pickup truck for the afternoon, cut a cake in your living room, cut a rug in the club.