Hi there! We are so excited for your upcoming celebration!! Can't wait to dive in to the details together!

First, though — just a tiny bit of homework for you ;)

This questionnaire helps us gather the essential info about your celebration in one place. This helps us stay super organized, which helps free up our minds to focus on the good stuff: getting to know you and making the best films possible. It is the cornerstone of our pre-wedding planning and prepares us to have a super productive conversation with you!

A couple of notes before you get started:

1. We know filling out forms gets boring, even when it's about something this exciting. So turn this into a planning date with your partner! Pick up some wine or seltzer and snacks and dive into it as a team. You'll get an opportunity to review plans together and you can both give your input and perspective! Win win.

2. Please complete this in as much detail as you can. We're asking these questions because we care about all the little details. The more you share the merrier. :)

3. Oh! Don't forget to let us know if there are any "surprises" planned for the day. And make sure you tell your photographer too! **If you want to avoid spoiling a surprise for your partner, please email/text/call us and we'll keep it to ourselves!

4. Please plan to either complete the form in one session or leave your browser tab/window open. If you're signed in to Google/Gmail you may be able to save it? (I'm looking into this as of 3/22/19)

5. Some fields are required, indicated by a little star like this: *

Ok, I think that about covers it. Thanks so much for taking the time to fill this out. Please enjoy the questionnaire! xoxo