Hi there! We are so excited for your upcoming celebration! Can't wait to dive in to the details together. Let’s start with a bit of homework:

The pre-wedding questionnaire helps us gather the essential info about your celebration in one place. Having that info helps us stay organized, which allows us to focus on the good stuff: getting to know you and making the best films we possibly can.

A couple of notes before you begin:

1. Please complete this in as much detail as you can. We're asking these questions because we care about all the little details. The more you share the merrier. :)

2. Don't forget to let us know if there are any special surprises planned for the day. *If you want to avoid spoiling it for your partner, just keep quiet for now. Send us an email later and we'll keep it to ourselves :)

3. Please plan to either complete the form in one session or leave your browser tab/window open. If you're signed in to Google/Gmail you may be able to save it? (we’re looking into this)

4. Some fields are required, indicated by a little star like this: *

And now, without further ado: