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Q + A


Q: How will you approach filming our wedding day?

A: Like it’s a close friend’s. Your experience matters and our approach is designed to let you enjoy your day without worry. We’ll invest the time to get to know you and your plans beforehand so we can stay open to intuition and spontaneity on the day of your wedding. The day’s events will unfold naturally and we won’t be interrupting the flow to pose or direct you. We also won’t block the entire aisle of your ceremony with a massive tripod, blind you with bright lights on the dance floor, or bother your guests for “interviews” while they’re snacking at cocktail hour. Most of the time, you won’t really know we’re there (in a good way). That said, we’re not exactly wallflowers and aren’t afraid to mix it up on the dance floor to capture that lit party footage.

Q: Where are you located? Do you travel?

A: We’re based in Lancaster, PA and available for travel worldwide.

Q: What is your pricing like?

A: Every wedding day is different, so we want to hear all about what yours will be like! Once we have a chance to chat more about your plans and what’s most important to you, we’ll send you a custom quote with customized film collections. We’re laid back, easy to talk to, and absolutely love to be a friendly resource. Even if you’re just starting to explore video options, don’t know exactly what you might want yet, or aren’t sure if you can afford us. We work with our clients to make lifelong memories from all sorts of plans, venues, and budgets. Drop us a line and we’ll schedule a time to connect and chat more about your wedding! 2019 + 2020 film collections start at $2800 for local celebrations.

We don’t charge any travel fees within three hours of Lancaster, PA. That’s right folks. For weddings further away, we’ll simply ask for overnight accommodations and airfare if required. Keeping it simple so we can focus on the fun stuff.

Q: How will you work with my photographer?

A: We embrace working collaboratively with all vendors, but we especially love photographers! We spend all day together, we both love cameras, we both love our couples. If we haven’t worked a wedding with your photographer before, we’ll check out their work/style and reach out to them before the wedding to say a friendly hello. It’s important to us that they have the space, respect, and support they need to do their best work. We are even down to share batteries, memory cards and lenses with our photo pals. No ego trips or weird vibes here. Let’s be friends.

If you’re still searching for a particular vendor, please let us know and we can recommend some of our favorite companies in your area. We also highly recommend checking out any of our friends in the Catalyst Wedding Co. and Equally Wed vendor directories.

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: Most definitely! Let us know if your venue requires us to provide them with a certificate of insurance (or COI for short) and we’ll send it right over.

Q: Do you require a retainer to book our date?

A: Yep, in order to reserve your date on our calendar, we require a signed contract and 50% retainer. The remaining 50% payment is due 30 days before your wedding date. If you’d prefer to split that up into a few smaller payments, we can discuss other arrangements too.

Q: How do you accept payments?

A: We accept online payments (via PayPal) and good old-fashioned checks. For weddings in PA, we are also required to charge local sales tax on all collections.

Q: How can we share our films?

A: We host all of our short films on Vimeo so you can easily share them to your heart’s content.

Q: Do we get all of the footage?

A: Yes! Every collection includes all of the raw footage from your celebration. Just like those old home movies on VHS or your iPhone, we want you to have all of that footage for posterity. We film the big events in full (e.g. ceremony, speeches, first dance), so even if you don’t purchase a documentary edit, you’ll be able to go back and see all those moments.

And just FYI, you can always purchase additional edits from us after the wedding, so no pressure to commit to those up front.

Q: How long will it take to receive our films?

A: Our artistic highlight films take some time to perfect, usually around 4-6 months after the wedding. All post production work is done in house. We know you can’t wait to see your films and we’re so excited to share them too!

Q: We love your work! How can we book Love More for our wedding?!

A: Yay! First, you’ll head over to our contact page to send an inquiry so we can connect and schedule a time to chat. Once we’ve heard more about your wedding plans and what’s most important for you, we’ll send you a proposal with some customized options. Then we can figure out the best option for your wedding day. We’ll send over a contract/invoice and simply require the signed contract and 50% retainer to reserve your date. In the timeless words of Emeril Legasse: “BAM!” (if you’ve read this far, please tell us if you think Emeril jokes are still relevant in 2019)