did you ever want to blog?

still image from one of our first weddings back in 2013

still image from one of our first weddings back in 2013

In 6+ years of filming weddings, blogging has always been one of those things that I wanted to do, or knew I should be doing, or was going to start doing in the off season. And then….I just NEVER DID IT y’all. Time makes fools of us all, right?

That’s changing today!

NOT because my perspective is so unique and amazing that I simply can’t be quiet anymore.

NOT because everyone else has been doing it for years.

NOT for me, my ego, external validation.

I want to do this for our couples and for folks planning their future celebrations. So you can see more about the other couples we work with, what their celebrations felt like, what we saw happening in those moments. Read about the story behind the wedding day. Connect with the other vendors who worked magic to make that celebration memorable.

Blogging seems like a great way to do those things! (Josh exclaims to himself, as though it’s currently 2002 and not 2019).

So onward we go. Better late than never. More to come.

Stay tuned!